The following software is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License:

Piccolo XML Parser for Java

Piccolo is the world's fastest SAX parser for Java. It's up to 3 times the speed of Crimson and XP and has been praised in online articles by JavaWorld and O'Reilly. For more information, see the Piccolo home page.

Oracle Scripts

Undo - Index drop/recreate utility
In data warehouse environments, it is often necessary to drop indexes for the duration of a batch process. Instead of hard-coding the index definitions into your scripts, this package lets you "uncreate" all your indexes, which stores the index definitions before dropping them, and "recreate" them later to restore the indexes with the preserved definition. For example, to drop and recreate all bitmap indexes on a table:

SQL> exec undo.unindex('your_table','bitmap');
SQL> exec undo.reindex('your_table','bitmap','parallel 4');

Efficiently analyze an entire schema
This small script analyzes all the tables in a schema. It computes the statistics on small indexes and tables but estimates statistics on larger tables where computing might take too long.





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