Customer Success

Yuval Oren's products as a developer and a project leader have received industry acclaim and numerous awards. Yuval is proud to have contributed to the success of the following clients:

The Manufacturing Test & Repair Information System (MeTeR) helps Cisco Systems reduce its manufacturing costs while increasing its capacity. Cisco and its supply chain use MeTeR to track products from "birth to death", identify emerging issues, and obtain information used to continually improve Cisco's manufacturing process. "Expert" reports also analyze the data and make recommendations such as optimal burn-in times for each product.

Yuval's responsibilities included developing the prototype and first release of MeTeR and continuing as technical lead for following releases.


MoodLogic is the leading provider of music metadata software. It also maintains the world's largest database of music metadata. MoodLogic's software allows you to find music based on mood, vocal quality, feel, and similarity to other songs, as well as the standard search criteria. Users of the software can automatically identify and categorize their digital music, create playlists, and explore new music based on those criteria. MoodLogic's software is bundled by SonicBlue, the leading manufacturer of MP3 players.

As Chief Architect and an early member of the MoodLogic team, Yuval was responsible for the technical architecture of MoodLogic's products as well as the establishment and expansion of MoodLogic's IT and Engineering organizations.


"If you've ever had trouble putting your musical longings into words, your ideal search engine may have arrived..."

Action Technologies Metro was the world's first workflow software for the Web. Beginning with its first release in 1995, Metro received critical acclaim and was considered a breakthrough in work management software. In addition to providing "out-of-the-box" support for many common business processes, Metro is an application platform that can be used to bring any customized business process online quickly.

Metro remains a leading e-process solution and has won nearly every major workflow and business process management software award in addition to general application awards such as PC Magazine and Network Computing Editor's Choice.

Yuval's responsibilities included the prototyping, design, and development of Metro. He was the lead developer for Metro's first two major releases.

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