Yuval Oren - Résumé
Email: yuval@bluecast.com

Agile leader with a history of creating award-winning products. Experience in both online and packaged software. Good with both junior and senior teams using a grass roots style.

- Agile methodologies - introduction and support
- Data-intensive computing - distributed and traditional
- Algorithms and analytics

- Led development of groundbreaking web copyright analytics
- Led development of a leading music personalization system
- Created Cisco's manufacturing data warehouse
- Developed world's first workflow system for the Web
- Developed world's fastest XML parser for Java
- Advanced consumer demand management using terabytes of transactional data
- Co-developed an in-memory data warehouse backed by terabyte MySQL databases.

2007 - Current Attributor, Redwood City, CA
Principal Engineer Hired and manages analytics team of employee and outsourced engineers across 4 time zones. Successfully introduced acceptance test-driven development and code coverage measurement.

Development has included terabyte Hadoop clusters and MySQL databases, a custom in-memory Java warehouse, and Attributor's analytics infrastructure. Technical advisor for a variety of areas, including Java middleware, scalability, and build infrastructure.

2004 - 2007 DemandTec, San Carlos, CA
Senior Scientist Led Consumer Intelligence initiative to help retailers focus on key consumer segments. Mostly hands-on role includes adapting and implementing algorithms in Java, as well as development of a Java data flow engine to help process terabytes of data efficiently. Assisted econometrics experts in turning predictive modeling algorithms into enterprise software.

Advanced engineering best practices through example, evangelizing, and new tools. Introduced Clover, CruiseControl, and code analysis tools to development process. Set unit testing standards. Introduced agile development to key application team, which is now successfully using it to release in 6-week cycles.

2003 - 2004 Inovis (formerly QRS), Richmond, CA
Data Architect Technical leader of 65-member engineering team. Responsible for technical vision of database and J2EE-based server architecture across multiple products, for the leader in B2B enterprise software for the apparel industry. Developed short- and long-term technical roadmaps, wrote white papers, developed architectures and designs, and provided mentoring and extreme programming coaching.

Primary focus involved re-architecting hosted and shipped legacy applications into modern software using J2EE, Oracle, XML, AS2, JMS, replication software, and other technologies, transparent to customers. QRS solutions include global data synchronization, EDI and e-commerce, and supply chain management for the retail industry.

2001 - 2002 BlueCast, Fremont, CA
Consultant Application development using Java EJB, JSP, Weblogic, and Oracle in a Linux environment. Prototyping using Java Web Services Developer Pack and Java Data Objects.

2000 - 2001 MoodLogic, San Francisco, CA
Chief Architect Managed Engineering and IT depts. Established and hired three-member IT team. Expanded engineering team from five to twenty-five people. Prior to establishing IT team, performed database, network, and system administration.

Led design and development of music personalization system and world's largest music metadata database. Coverage by CNN, WSJ, Wired, CNET, others. Designed metadata collection system, data warehouse and OLTP engine, and created web services infrastructure. Collected data from music industry sources and 20,000 music fans and professionals using collaborative filtering and other statistical methods. Developed world's fastest XML parser written in Java.

1996 - 2000 Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA
Software Architect (consultant) Technical lead of 4-member team. Created Cisco's manufacturing data warehouse, used by Cisco and its entire supply chain to monitor all of Cisco's testing and manufacturing. Web-based reporting and reliability analysis tool, used by technicians, managers, and VPs throughout Cisco and its supply chain for quality monitoring, test design, and capacity planning.

Designed and developed Web site analysis system for the world's largest e-commerce site. Web-based reporting tool for Cisco's internal and external sites and e-commerce applications. Developed with Perl, Viador, and a large Oracle database (VLDB).

Developed "direct fulfillment" analysis tool, combining shipment, revenue, MRP, and test data into a Web tool aiding VP and schedulers to manage direct shipping efforts.

1996 Radford Associates, San Jose, CA
Consultant Developed Web-based benefits enrollment system for Sybase. Application led user through benefits enrollment options, then uploaded selections directly to health provider databases.

1994 - 1996 Action Technologies, Alameda, CA
Lead Developer Engineering lead for Metro, the world's first workflow system for the Web and among the first enterprise software and rapid development environments for Netscape's Web server. Mentioned in PC Week, Web Week, others. Led a six-member team through two releases.

Prototyping and development support to system integrators. Developed support call tracking system.

1995 - 1996 Internet Business Directory Int'l, Sacramento, CA
Consultant (pt. time) Designed and developed Internet Yellow Pages searchable directory. SQL Server database accessed and administered through the Web. Developed dynamically generated HTML pages and SQL calls using CGI, NSAPI, and WebDBC.

1994 800-Software, Richmond, CA
Sr. Support Engineer Lotus Notes system administrator and programmer. Developed technical support knowledgebase, account profiles database, discussion database, and macros for database migration and other purposes. Support for premium customers on server products.

1993 Yuval Oren Consulting, El Cerrito, CA
Owner Consultant for musical arrangers and composers. Designed complete music development systems, including PC and Mac hardware, music software, keyboard synthesizers, printers. Sold and installed equipment, and trained users.

1990 - 1993 University of California at Berkeley
Comp. Sci. / Music Modular and object-oriented programming, data structures, search algorithms, portable coding, linear algebra, discrete math. C and C++ under BSD, SunOS, and DGUX UNIX.

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